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We can give you a full explanation about the places that you can visit in Egypt and what are you going to do in the tours:


ABU SIMBEL: Ramses the great carved the two temples of Abu Simbel into the rocks of a Cliff overlooking the Nile. These temples were built in a region know to the ancients as Nubia about 280 Km south of Aswan, facing east to receive the rays of the rising sun. The larger of the two temples was dedicated to Ramses II himself while the smaller temple was built for his principal queen Nefertari.


 LUXOR: It was the capital of Egypt during the New Kindom (1567-1085 B.C) it was called “waset” which means “mace” to express the extreme authority of this city, them the Greek conquest change the name to “Thebes” and Homer described it as a “City of the hundred gates”. Its recent name “Al Oqsor” wich means “The City of Palaces” named by Arab when they dazzled with its palaces and temples which are still survived by the virtue of its granite and sandstone buildings.

The river Nile divided El-Oqsor into two banks. On the East Bank, the city of living, Luxor and Karnak Temple greet the sunrise. The sunset on the West Bank throws shadows through the city f dead: The tombs of the Nobles and the pharaohs in the Valley of the kings, the Valley of the Queens, the funerary temples like Ramaseum, Medina Habu, Hatshepsut Temple…etc. Today you can walk through the history, to see this ancient Egyptians monuments, ride on a horse-drawn carriage, Sail a felucca, take a sunset cruise or see the city from a hot air balloon and many others options.

 HOT AIR BALLOON IN LUXOR: Experience the joy of flying in one hot air balloon, drifting peacefully over the West Bank offers the adventurous traveler the opportunity to view the whole magnificent area of Luxor and the pharaoh’s temples from a unique angle in an aerial view. Flights include refreshments served before flight, transportation from and back to the hotel, pick up time is between 5:00am-5:30am to see the sunrise over the city from the sky, passenger insurance included, as a souvenir of your flight you will be presented with a certificate commemorate your first flight and a t-shirt with the logo of the hot air balloon company.

 QUAD BIKE SAFARI TROUGH THE DESERT IN LUXOR: Now in Luxor you can enjoy the Quad Bike Safari, is the ideal way to while away a few hours from the busy city, it will happen around some of the most dramatic desert sights in Luxor which will ensure that this will be an experience remembered long after the day is over. Even if you have never ridden a Quad Bike before, our important familiarization course will teach you how to safely handle these powerful machines. The duration of this tour will generally last 3 hours from hotel pick up to drop off, and you can expect up to around 2 hours on the quad itself. The tour includes pick up and drop off hotel, soft drinks, professional guide and mechanic, helmet and all equipment for protection.
























TOUR EAST BANK: In the East bank or “City of Living” it is now the main city with all the hotels, offices, bussines and the cosmopolitan life style. You can find there the Luxor Museum and the momification museum near to the Nile Street or Corniche, also there are two important ancient monuments: Luxor and Karnak Temples.

 A) LUXOR TEMPLE: It is located in the downtown beside the corniche. It was constructed for the worship of god Amon Ra whose marriage anniversary to his wife Mut was celebrated once a year. The construction of the temple dates back to Amenhotep III and Ramses II. Its includes two huge statues representing the king seated. Two obelisks precede the temple, one of them still exist and the other is erected at Concorde Square in Paris. This temple is also famous because have remains of three historical periods: Pharaoh´s, Greek-Romans and Islamic, around the temple there are the ruins of the roman camps and in one side you can find the Abu Hagah musk building 800 years ago using the columns of the pharaohps temple with hieroglyphics inside. The Luxor Temple is connected to Karnak Temple by a large avenue which is lined with sphinxes.

 B) KARNAK TEMPLE: It is a complex of temples built on massive scale 1300 years ago and it’s the largest pharaonic monument after the pyramids. The temple complex cover 5km area, its history spans trhoug thirteen centuries. The temples start with the avenue of Sphinxes having the head of a ram and the body of a lion, which representing god Amon the symbol of fertility and growth. Beneath the rams head, small statues of Ramses II were carved. This complex consistes of three temples dedicated to god Amon the sun, Khonsu thebes god and goddess Mut. In front of the temple stands a huge statue of Ramses II, inside the Hypostyle Hall with its 134 giant columns, in the north there is a granite sanctuary built by Alexander the Great, and there are a series of small rooms built by Hashepsut,  walled off by her stepson Tutmosis III who wanted to erased every trace of her. The south of the main temple lies the Sacred Lake and there you will find a giant statue of a scarab beetle around which the tourist would walk around few times for have good luck. You can visit Karnak temple in the night for enjoy the Sound and Light show, which consist of one hour speech, light and music, tells the history of the magnificent temple.

 C) MUMMIFICATION MUSEUM: This museum is the first one of its kind, contains everything you would to know about mummification. It houses 150 relics of mummies from animals and humans, coffins, the mummifications tools which the ancient Egyptian physician used, the canopic jars needed for preserve the organs and paintings representing the religious funerary rituals. Also every Saturday night there is a dissertation in the Conferences Hall, about many different themes in Egyptology.

 D) LUXOR MUSEUM: Exhibit the new discoveries in the area during the excavations. The museum is located between the temples of Luxor and Karnak, it houses pharaonic relics from Luxor and nearby sites such us some of the antiquities from Tutankamon tomb, war machines like tutankamon chariot and also two royal mummies, that of Ahmosis I and what is believed to be that of Ramses I.

 TOUR WEST BANK: To the ancient Egyptians crossing the Nile to the West meant cross from the life to the dead, in this place the kings build the giant necropolis and funerary temples. Today this 9 square km area on the West bank is considered the richest archaeological zone in the world; there you can find several places to visit: Kings and Queens Valley, tombs of the nobles, Hatshepsut temple, Medina Habu, the Worker´s Village and much more…



VALLEY OF THE QUEENS: This Valley contains the tombs of important officials, principles and queens. The queen Nefertari is buried here, she was the wife of Ramses II, but her tomb is so fragile that it is closed to the general public. Another tomb opened to the public is that of Amun-hirkhepshef, a son of Ramses III. The child went along with his father on campaigns and probably died in battle around the age of nine. He is shown on the murals where Ramses leads him to the keeper of the funerary Gates; also there is a mummy of a 6 moths unborn fetus, his mother put him like an offer for his son. The next tomb belongs to his mother and one the wifes of Ramses III the queen Titi, inside the colors and the paintings are very beautiful and well preserved and show the queen making offerings to the gods and take a ritual bath.


COLOSSI OF MEMNON: Those are two colossal statues 20mtrs high, the only remains of Amenhotep III funerary temple. The Greeks thought they were statues of Menmon from the Greek Mythology, when one of the statues began making strange weeping sound at dawn people believed it was calling for his mother Eos (goodness of the Dawn) and when she heard him she shed tears that became dew-drops. It turned out that there was crack on the top of the statues and the wind whistling through it made the sound, sadly when it was repaired the singing stopped.

 MEDINET HABU TEMPLE: This was the mortuary temple of Ramses III and was so large that once sheltered the entire population of Thebes during the invasion in the 20th dynasty. The walls and sanctuaries are decorated with vividly colored murals of battles and religious scenes. In the left side there was the palace of Ramses III and in the right hand corner of the chapel of the Votaresses is a sacred lake where childless women came to bathe at night and prayed to Isis to give them a child.


 HATSHEPSUT TEMPLE: The only woman who ruled Eypt in the pharaonic era and until now, was the queen Hatshepsut. The name Deir El-Bahari is a fairly recent Arabic name when the copts used it as a monastery in the 7th century B.c.






 DESERT JEEP 4X4 SAFARI IN HURGADA: You will go by jeep Land cruiser to the desert. After arriving in the Bedouin camp you will get offer their famous aromatic tea. You will see their simple houses and sources of water. You can enjoy camel riding and after you will visit a terrarium where you can see snakes, cobras and chameleons. Also you will visit a beautiful place, where you can see museum of animals which live in the desert like wolfs, desert´s cat, birds etc… You will see the sunset behind the mountains in the desert and after you will get BBQ dinner in the Bedouin Camp while watching a Bedouin party and dance. Also you can see the stars in the sky with a powerful telescope. The tour include: transportation in jeep land cruiser, BBQ dinner and Bedouin show, drinks and English guide.


 SUBMARINE IN THE RED SEA HURGADA: Go aboard of a submarine on an unforgettable guided tour 25 meters below sea level and explore our mystical underwater world. The company operate Mark III submarines, the most advanced recreational submarines, the only in North Africa and Arab world. Every dive is unique with expert captains and divers who bring the sea world to your comfortable, spacious, and air conditioned view ports with separate TV monitor in front of each port, allowing you to get as close as you can to the spectacular under water landscapes, fantastic coral formations and an unlimited number of exotic sea creatures.

 GLASS BOTTOM BOAT IN THE RED SEA HURGADA: Take an unforgettable journey on board or an unique glass bottom boat and see the underwater trough a wide window in the floor of the boat, in the glass bottomed screen you can watch the amazing show performed by some incredible underwater creatures playing on a colorful coral forest stage.









  These are the only show that bring history to life and creates a link between monuments and artistic cultural aspects, for cover the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization and other features of Egypt´s cultural heritage. These projects are executed with the most recent and advanced technological and scientific methods. The Shows are presented in eight languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, German) in four different times (winter: 6:30-7:30-8:30-9:30pm / summer: 8:30-9:30-10:30-11:30pm). Each language has different day and time, for details and reservations contact us, we send you the complete information.

 PYRAMIDS IN GIZA: Inaugurated in April 1961. The Sphinx reveals the secrets of ancient Egypt and narrates the history of the city of dead and the construction of the pyramids; his voice coming from the depth of history will take you on a mysterious voyage to the heart of civilization, five thousand years old.

 PHILAE IN ASWAN:  Inaugurated in October 1985. The spectators arrive to island after a marvelous Nile cruise. The spectacular displays in eloquent manner the history of Philae and reveals the secrets of the legend of Isis and Osiris, which illustrates the eternal conflict between good and evil. It also refers veal the international campaign with the guidance of UNESCO and praises the efforts they have exerted to the monuments of Phillae.

 ABU SIMBEL: In the night show in Abu Simbel, the King Ramses II narrates his glories, his military victories, the history of building his temple and the story of his beautiful wife Nefertari. Ramses II explains to the spectators the details of the inscriptions engraved inside the temples and performs them outside the temples trough three dimensional pictures accompanied by attractive sound and light effects. The spectators will watch the story of how the temples were rescued from being inundated and how they were transferred to the existing location.

 KARNAK IN LUXOR: Since 1972 Karnak has revealed its secrets in one of the largest and most outstanding Sound & light show spectacular in the world. It tells of the past immortal city of Thebes and the glorious deeds of the great’s pharaohs. In a beautiful poetic description the show of successive stages, it ends at the sacred lake where spectators find seats overlooking the lake and sides of the great temple. All this is presented in a splendid cultural style sing the most advanced Sound & light techniques.


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